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June 1, 2021

CINCINNATI, OH, June 1, 2021 – Lt. Governor Jon Husted’s officeInnovation Training Program announced last week that Ohio will be kicking off another round of TechCred funding starting today!  It provides a $2,000 reimbursement per employee, up to $30,000 per company per application period for Innovation Engineering Fundamentals + Blue Belt Certification.

Most companies assume this is for technical, hard-skills training.  But if you think innovatively there are bigger, better benefits and ways to get the most out of the funds.

Here are 3 ways companies like Cintas, AMIG, Lincoln Electric, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, University of Dayton, and others have used the TechCred dollars:

1)Inventing and Launching Process Improvement Innovations.  As the team did their course work they collaborated to solve a shared challenge that was laid out by leadership in advance of the training. It resulted in real ideas for optimizing their current and future systems and services while also taking their innovation skills to the next level.

2) Re-booting a Team with a Way to Work Faster & More Innovatively Together. During the training, the team learned a shared system for problem-solving. It helped them solve a current company challenge in weeks instead of months. It also gave them the tools needed to create and launch big ideas going forward.

3) Team Building to Re-Connect and Re-Energize. As teams return to the office (or hybrid work), they wanted to reduce anxiety and increase enthusiasm. But happy hours and team dinners just don’t cut it. The interactive  training helped them re-connect, increase their optimism and got them excited about moving forward together.

Notes to Editor:

Eureka! Ranch International, Ltd. is led by CEO, Maggie Nichols, and a strong cadre of innovators, engineers, educators, and programmers, with founder, Doug Hall, remaining actively engaged as CIO and on special projects.  We help organizations in 3 ways: 1) building their innovation pipeline, 2) improving their innovation process, and 3) training their people to think more innovatively.  For over 35 years the Ranch team has worked with large multinationals, non-profits, and small and mid-size companies around the globe to help them think & act smarter, faster & more innovatively.

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