2021 Innovation Engineering Online Conference

November 9, 2021 – 1-4p ET

Get a jolt of 50 ideas to jump start innovation and cohesion in your teams


What Can You Expect

In the 2021 Predictive Index CEO Benchmarking report, the #1 concern of leaders at this moment: effective team cohesion. Between understaffing, virtual versus in-person work, business fluctuations, onboarding new staff… It can be a drain on everyone,  including zapping the energy to take on new change and innovation.

The 2021 Innovation Engineering Conference – Jump Start Your Team –  will give you an explosion of over 50 fresh ideas for ways to jump start the cohesion and innovative output of your teams, even in the constraints of the current environment.

This year’s conference main stage presentations explore different angles of team dynamics and innovation.  Each presentation will give you fresh insights and real-world experiences you can use with your own teams.

You’ll Get Ideas On

  • How to address the changing culture and mindset of your teams (using surprising new discoveries as of October 2021 on the world’s largest data set on innovation and culture)
  • How to keep your team aligned when doing radical business model innovation (from a CEO that’s turned the world of food upcycling upside-down)
  • Unexpected research-based marketing tactics that give you the biggest bang for your time and money
  • creating an environment that encourages whole human-centered collaboration
  • organizational design structures for innovation teams that align with virtual/in-person teams
  • and dozens more.

Energizing Virtual Conference

Don’t worry, just because it’s a virtual event doesn’t mean it will be boring! All the content will be presented in 30-minute mini-sessions, like circuit training, with active workouts and short breaks throughout.  The first 20 minutes are filled with high-octane bursts of new information to challenge the status quo way of thinking, followed by 10-minute brain breaks with lighter content.

Announcing our first featured speakers…

Mike Sirois

Vice President of Product Development & Technical Services at Highliner Foods will discuss taking a new product from concept to patent pending.

Suzy DeYoung

Suzy DeYoung

The Founder of La Soupe will be discussing radical business model innovation.

Greg Lemmon Innovator

Greg Lemmon

Lead Statistician at the Innovation Engineering Institute will reveal surprising shifts from the world’s largest database on team cultures and innovation perceptions that impact how effectively your team innovates.

Doug Hall Innovator

Doug Hall

The Founder of Brain Brew Custom Whiskey will be presenting the big things he’s learned moving from the corporate world to the world of craft distilling and the important role that team cohesion has played.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend?

Managers, team leaders, aspiring leaders, and team members.

What's the cost?

The cost is minimal at every level. All proceeds go to the Innovation Engineering Scholarship Fund, to provide low/no-cost training to qualifying non-profits and students.

Should I attend alone or with a team?

Yes! Alone you’ll get a bunch of ideas you can use immediately. But if you attend as a team, you can use the 10-minute breaks between presentations to have a power chat and use the stimulus from the last presentation to build more ideas! 

I have no Innovation Engineering (IE) Training should I attend?

Yes, even without previous IE experience you will take away sparks & ideas for jump starting innovation for yourself and/or your team.

Will the conference cover content from previous conferences and/or trainings?

No! This year we are bringing you all new information and insights that are not yet found in the current curriculum.

Will it be recorded?

No, this year you must attend live.

The “Jump Start Your Teams” conference is powered by Innovation Engineering – an Academic Discipline and Leadership Science that powers collaborative innovative thinking in established organizations.

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