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“…this has awakened me that a systematic process for innovating like what is taught in this course is what will REALLY drive sustainable sales & profits. I wish I went through this 20 years ago!”

Why Innovation? Why Now?

During the 3 years following the 2008 recession those companies that were proactive in using the recession to reinvent and innovate grew new product sales by 37%, new customers by 43%, and profit margin 96%.

No matter the state of your business or the economy, innovation is the key to unlocking your next big move to growth.

Research done on behalf of the Dept. of Commerce.

In this 12-module program your team will learn:

How to create, communicate, and accelerate ideas for your business AND they’ll apply them to their current work to get an immediate impact.

LEARN: How to build an innovation strategy.

DO: Create an innovation strategy.

LEARN: How to know an innovation when they see one.

DO: Evaluate their own ideas in minutes.

LEARN: A method for de-risking any new venture.

DO: Apply the method for de-risking to a current project.

LEARN: How to find inspiration for instant ideas.

DO: Create fresh ideas on a current challenge

LEARN: How to sell their ideas to others.

DO: Create a persuasive argument for an idea of their own.

LEARN: A step-by-step technique for commercializing innovations faster.

DO: Take a project through a full business cycle of vetting.

LEARN: How to use collaboration to make ideas better.

DO: Improve an existing idea with a team.

LEARN: How to enable and coach employees without “killing their idea.”

DO: Proactively coach staff to make an idea better.

LEARN: How to prototype innovations quickly and cheaply.

DO: Make a minimum viable version of their idea (service, process, business, or product).

LEARN: How to run a productive ideation meeting.

DO: Run their own idea sprint.

LEARN: How to build a fast and useful forecast with little data.

DO: Forecast sales on an innovative product, service or business.

LEARN: Customer Research tools & techniques that take as little as 1 hour and a $50 budget.

DO: Run customer research on a new product, service, or business opportunity.

Here is how it works each month…

Video Pre-work: Watch (and Rewatch) lessons for this month’s skills.

Digital Meet-Ups: Interact with your classmates & instructor.

Individual Coursework: Gain confidence through practice assignments.

Practical Application: Experience real-time ROI as the team applies what they are learning to a current project.

This program is great for Team Development

Self-reported growth in their ability to create, communicate, & commercialize innovations for products, services, systems, and everyday work.

“I see excitement from people involved in (Innovation Engineering).  You hear them talking about projects we’re not working on, saying, ‘Hey, I was thinking about this the other weekend.  It would be really neat if we could…’  It’s getting excitement within the organization – we see that we’re going somewhere.”

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The Eureka! Ranch team that teaches the program has been named among America’s top innovators by CNN, CBC, Inc Magazine, and others. The average American home uses over 18 products or services that the Eureka! Ranch has helped invent or reinvent

Why THIS Program IS different

Unlike other business programs that are based on a few personal experiences or third-person research – this program is grounded in front-lines innovation work and hard data from the world’s largest database (25,000+) on what drives success and failure. The data is so reliable that the curriculum, called Innovation Engineering, is recognized as a new field of academic study with undergraduate and graduate degrees offered at colleges and universities.

World leaders in business and innovation who’ve used these methods include Walt Disney, Nike, Pepsi-Cola, American Express, Procter & Gamble, US Department of Commerce, and thousands of others.

This program is brought to you by the Innovation Engineering Institute – a partnership between the Eureka! Ranch and the University of Maine.


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