SpeeDee Project

Creating an Experience that Customers Can Trust

  • Client: SpeeDee  Oil Change & Auto Service
  • Project Type: Eureka! Inventing

About this Project

The Challenge

SpeeDee has high levels of service and competence in each one of their locations.  They provide great customer service to auto-owners.  However, the industry as a whole has low levels of customer trust:

  • 76% feel they’ve been sold unnecessary services
  • 73% feel they’ve been overcharged
  • 63% have negative past experiences
  • 49% are concerned work was not performed correctly

They needed ideas for new services and customer experiences that delivered on the promise of trust.  And because they needed to differentiate from the industry, a copy-cat answer wouldn’t do.  It needed to be original enough and bold enough to earn a customer’s trust.


The Process

Immersion & Stimulus Mining:  It started well before the invention session, spending time understanding the challenge and gathering stimulus that could serve as springboards for fresh ideas.  We explored internal resources and customer insights from stakeholder interviews, secret shopper explorations, customer research & interviews, reviewing current offerings, the current customer experience & assets.  In order to stretch thinking to new places, external stimulus was also explored like borrowing brilliance from other industries, technology and trends and direct and indirect competition.

Inventing & Instant Feedback:  Bringing together a cross-functional team, including franchisees, we worked together a portfolio of motivating CX ideas leveraging the stimulus collected in advance.  Across 2 days the team invented over 50 ideas.  They worked in 60-minute cycles – reviewing stimulus, creating ideas and then capturing the ideas they created.  Each idea outlined the customer and their problem, the promise to overcome the problem and the proof that SpeeDee could really deliver on the promise.

A dozen ideas were shared with potential customers in qualitative and quantitative research – to understand which ideas were both meaningfully unique and delivered on the promise of trust.  Based on that feedback, ideas were further developed, reinvented and refined.



The Result

After considering all aspects of the ideas – what would drive customers to action, what fit with the brand promise, what was bold enough to get attention – the Total Trust Guarantee™ was born.  Rounds of additional research helped to clarify the aspects of the idea that were most appealing to customers.

That idea and vision was then brought to life through adaptations to each physical location, new pricing transparency, new training and a new marketing campaign to bring it to life.


This initiative was critical for our company, so we had to ensure we would create something distinct and meaningful for our customers.  Eureka! was the perfect partner to help us create novel and engaging ways to boost our customer experience.  Trying to break through the clutter and stand for trust was a tall order, but with Eureka!’s help – we delivered.  Are they great facilitators with a great process to think outside the box?  Yes.  But do they go above and beyond to dig in, collaborate, advise, coach and co-create to help us push even further?  Absolutely.
Tara Jacobs

VP Marketing, SpeeDee Worldwide LLC