Eureka! Ranch! International offers two expert keynote speakers in
CEO & Founder, Doug Hall and President & COO, Maggie Nichols,
but they are only two of the talented and experienced innovators and facilitators available.  
With a combined over 50 years experience in innovation
it is impossible to go wrong with any member of our events team!

Brad Hall

Brad is Brand Manager at Eureka! Ranch with a true passion for education.  As an Innovation Engineering educator, he is not only an executive education instructor, but has also taught Innovation Engineering for more then a few years at a university level while getting his undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering and while working on his Masters in Education. 

Brad is infamous in the Innovation Engineering community for being tough on all his students, no matter their age or job title.  He routinely provides diversity and a critical eye to teams creating and improving ideas for innovative products, services, and systems

Brad is an avid gamer who lives in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Corie Spialek

Corie is the Director of Operations at Eureka! Ranch.  She has a superlative attention to detail, yet sees the big picture.  She is vigilant at doing the right things – even if they are not the easy thing to do.  She’s efficient, persistent, dedicated, and unflinchingly committed to the Ranch and her clients. 

During her over 14 years with the Ranch she has helped push teams from a diverse group of companies like Jim Beam, Tyson Foods, Walmart, General Mills, Infantino, Public Radio International, National Wildlife Federation, and The Student Conservation Association to new places in their approach to innovation.

Corie is a DePauw University graduate who gets the job done with grace and good humor.  She and her husband Ed live in Cincinnati, Ohio with their son and twin girls.

David Lafkas

David is Eureka! Ranch’s legal eagle, or more traditionally our patent and trademark authority, not only serving as in-house counsel at Eureka! Ranch, but also evangelizing on the importance of patents in today’s world of innovation to stay ahead of your competition.

As an Innovation Engineering Black Belt, David has helped numerous companies develop patentable new products and services.  Most recently, he’s supported High Liner Foods in Canada and the US on their comprehensive journey to achieve a culture of innovation as they not only create breakthrough seafood ideas, but also broadly educate employees and implement systems driven innovation across the corporation.

David received a biomedical engineering degree from the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and his juris doctorate from the University of Cincinnati College of Law, the 4th oldest law school in the country.  He lives in Cincinnati with his rescue dog, Chauncey.

Lydia Carson

Lydia is the Vice President of Innovation Engineering Systems at Eureka! Ranch.  She
is a straight shooter who is known for getting the job done and is excellent in her skill
for helping others succeed.  Around the Ranch she is known for her laser focus.

Prior to joining the Ranch, Lydia’s corporate experience included working for Lexmark International and Ford Motor Company.  Since joining the Ranch, she’s helped a diverse group of companies create breakthrough new products, services, and systems.  To name just a few:  Tyson Foods, Bush Brothers, Walmart, Pon, GOJO, The Edrington Group, Humana, and Toyota.

Lydia received a mechanical engineering degree from Vanderbilt University and an MBA through the University of Arkansas at Little Rock Executive MBA program.  She is passionate about learning and has received numerous certifications, including Innovation Engineering Black Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt.  She received Outcome-Driven Innovation (ODI) training – which introduced the Jobs to be Done approach – from Tony Ulwick in 2006.  Lydia applies her broad skills and experience when tackling any challenge that comes her way.

Lydia is a lover of sailing and baseball who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband Paul and two kids.

Maggie Pfeifer

Maggie Pfeifer is the Innovation Engineering Director of Education at Eureka! Ranch.  Maggie manages the Innovation Engineering Black Belt program and the system for never ending improvement of the curriculum.  She’s taught and coached Innovation Engineering to tens of thousands of people around the world.  Her calm demeanor and easy-going attitude make her the perfect coach and teacher.

In addition to being the Ranch’s lead educator, Maggie has helped numerous companies – hands-on – to create innovative new products and services.  A few examples include High Liner, The Student Conservation Association, GOJO, The Edrington Group, and Humana.
Maggie is a Miami University graduate who is a true entrepreneur at heart.  She has successfully built and run her own business, Reborn By Maggie, which has been recognized by many magazines including Martha Stewart’s Real Simple.  She lives with her husband Nick in Baltimore, MD.