Innovation Engineering
Technology Valuation with AI

Artificial Intelligence for Technology Valuation Certificate

Innovation Engineering Technology Valuation with AI is a comprehensive technology-focused course tailored for individuals who support business development and/or strategy decisions and seek to harness the power of cutting-edge technology to evaluate business opportunities, growth potential, and new products and services.  

By leveraging the TruthTeller AI cloud-based platform, you’ll gain invaluable skills to run simulations and forecast value and risk for new business ideas, all within a technology-driven environment.  You will learn how to efficiently manage and query innovation opportunities, prioritizing the most optimal and promising innovations that align with your organization’s current capabilities and challenges.  By automating the evaluation process with TruthTeller AI, you can assess hundreds of ideas with heightened reliability, eliminating human biases, and drastically reducing the time required for assessment from weeks to minutes.

Throughout the course, you will successfully build and customize the TruthTeller AI platform, directly addressing one of your current business challenges.  Armed with this powerful technology, you’ll be ready to apply its capabilities to other business problems, enhancing your ability to manage and prioritize innovation effectively, ultimately leading to a positive impact on innovation ROI and economic growth.

Course Agenda

1. Getting Started with TruthTellerAI

  • Managing Account Permissions and Confidentiality
  • Importing Assets as Technologies & Patents
  • Setting Innovation Objectives with a Technology Focus

2. Ideation

  • Exploring Ideation Techniques
  • Leveraging AI-Generated Ideation
  • Mastering Concept Writing with Technological Insight

3. Evaluation

  •  Measuring Idea Meaningfulness & Uniqueness with AI Models
  • Forecasting Sales and Profits Using the Fourt-Woodlock Model
  • Applying Monte Carlo Simulation for Risk Adjusted Forecasting
  • Simulating Current & Potential Value to Your Company via the Fair Market Royalty Rate Calculator & Technology-Driven Analysis

4. Improving / Updating Evaluations

  • Correcting Assumptions with Informed Technological Assessments
  • Enhancing AI Accuracy for Precision. in Evaluation
  • Adjusting Business Models with Technology-Backed Insights

5. Innovation Management

  • Sorting & Filtering Innovation Opportunities in the TruthTeller AI Platform
  • Querying Results for Best Matched Technology Solutions
  • Generating a Comprehensive Discovery Plan to Accelerate Ideas towards Development Approval

A Digital Innovation Hub

Time & Format:

Virtual & In Person


$2000/person + travel for instructor (if applicable)