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Unlock your team’s full potential with one of our Eureka experiences. Our team of experts will guide you through a dynamic and interactive session designed to generate fresh ideas and solutions to your organization’s most pressing problems. Whether you’re looking to boost productivity, increase revenue, or improve customer satisfaction, our proven methodology will help you to identify and capitalize on new opportunities. Don’t let your business get stuck in a rut – join us for a Eureka! Experience that will inspire and empower you to achieve success. 



Your Challenge

1. Market Share Declining. Competitors are stealing share with new offerings or lower costs
2. Profit Margins Declining. You are losing margin or competing on cost
3. Shrinking Category You want to break into a new category to grow revenue
4. Big Problem Now.  You need a bold business solution immediately
5. No plan for the future. Need to figure out which direction to go or which strategy is best
6. No ideas for the future. Your innovation pipeline is empty or not full enough to grow the business
7. Stuck in today’s operations. Your team needs a new proactive mindset before it is too late


Our Principles

1. Business Purpose. This isn’t team bonding. We gather teams for a specific purpose and deliver tangible results.
2. Stimulus: This is not a brain drain. We will fill your team’s brains with stimulus to spark ideas.
3. Diversity: Teams out-innovate individuals. We assemble a team with diverse thinking and experiences to work together.
4. Fear: Innovation takes courage and our processes minimize fear to increase the number of ideas captured.
5. Rejuvenated Sense of Optimism. Teams leave the experience feeling tired from the day but re-energized about the future with ideas that they could not have created on their own.

Our Process


The Eureka! Experience is not an out-of-the-box service, but rather a customized service specific to your unique situation. We always design the process with the end in mind. 31% of people say there is not a clear link between strategy and innovation projects, we fix this in our very first step.



Digging for insights that can spark new ideas. We research your market, customers, trends, and technologies to disrupt your thinking. This is critical as 78% of innovation projects are copying something else or incremental improvements.



We gather the team and do cycles of ideation to generate an abundance of ideas and possibilities. Our process is 8x more ideas than brainstorming. 




Write and rewrite ideas for clarity. We see a 70% increase in an idea’s odds of success just from communicating the idea clearly.


Market Research

Get fast feedback from customers or an expert panel to make your ideas even better. 72% of executives report that it takes a month or more to create and field research to get customer feedback on a new idea. We deliver results in hours.


More Ideation

Kick ideas up a notch and challenge teams to create even more unique ideas.



Assess risks and rewards of ideas before making any decisions on development. 



Coaching projects for faster development with less risk. 


60x More Effective Than Brainstorming

since 1986

Tell me if this sounds familiar. Your team is gathered in a meeting and someone says we need ideas and explains the situation. Then people start suggesting ideas until an idea or combination of ideas seems like a good enough solution.

Classic brainstorming or brain draining as we like to call it does nothing to stimulate your brain to think of new, innovative solutions.

When Eureka! facilitates a problem-solving session we challenge you to create 20, 50, or 100 possible solutions. Our goal is to ask for more than is reasonable. Teams may complain but, when we are done, they will thank us for not stopping after the initial rounds. Dr. Osborn’s research found that the second half of brainstorming sessions generate 78% of the big ideas. In addition to generating more stimuli, the initial ideas that are generated are usually the obvious ones. When the obvious ideas are exhausted, then original ideas are developed.

The Eureka! process starts with a mind dump. This lets us get all the obvious ideas out of our system and build some momentum as we enter the unknown.  With each new round of ideation, we mix up teams and bring in new stimuli and exercises. 

Toward the end of the day, everyone picks an idea to refine and gets ready for testing with customers. Consumer testing happens via in-person focus groups, online interviews, or online surveys. Alternatively when reaching customers is not feasible or extreme confidentiality is required, we can review ideas with a panel of raters.  Market research is not used to stop any of the ideas, but rather improve them by providing options for pivoting.

Then we repeat the process. Bringing in more stimulus to create more ideas and then progressing ideas through the early stages of the innovation process. 

Most organizations need some time to process all the ideas before making any major investment decisions. But over the next few months we often coach project teams to accelerate ideas, assess risk and forecast revenue.

Managing the Results

capturing ideas like never before

After each round of inventing everyone enters 1 or more ideas into the idea compiler. With teams of 10 to 20 people, we will exceed 100 ideas after the first day or 5 rounds of inventing.

Instantly the team will start to see each other’s ideas and be able to react or comment. Typically ideas with more reactions and comments tend to be the more unique opportunities.

Ideas often will overlap and are merged to spark additional ideas or opportunities. People will partner up based on what opportunity areas most excite them.

At the end of the day, we pick a subset to test with customers or stakeholders. The survey results help direct the team on how to continue growing their ideas the very next day.

The team leaves the Eureka! experience with an organized pipeline of ideas. From there they can learn more and develop ideas on their own or leverage Eureka’s expertise and tools for commercialization.

Our Services

Experts In Change

From the front end of innovation to tangible business results, we can help at every step along the journey.


We help leaders create ideas for where to start or what direction to go. 


Eureka! experiences get teams to create more ideas and more unique solutions.


When an offering isn’t meeting expectations, we pivot before it is too late. 

System Improvements

Mapping systems, identifying opportunity areas, and creating ideas to try.

Our Location

The Eureka! Ranch is the perfect place to host your team and facilitate our innovation process.
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Online experiences are very efficient at generating ideas. Plus it is easier to assemble bigger and more diverse teams.

Your Location

Sometimes it makes more logistical sense for us to come to you. We can bring the Eureka! Experience on the road.

What our clients say about us

The difference between other companies and Eureka! Ranch is that you leave the Ranch with both solid strategies and fully written and illustrated concepts that support those strategies so you can turn right around and present them to the Board of Directors, executive management, etc. I’ve been very impressed with the amount of legwork the team did prior to the Eureka! Inventing session to be fully prepared for the participants and to make the most of our time at the Eureka! Ranch. Eureka! Inventing has been a fabulous investment for my division.”


“You can gamble on business long shots. Or, you can apply Jump Start Your Business Brain’s scientific laws and double, even triple your odds of business success. The choice is yours.”


“I was also thoroughly impressed with the attitude, the commitment, the enthusiasm, and the strategic thinking of you and all those with whom we worked on our project – truly a creative, clear-thinking, results-oriented bunch of people. A real privilege! Your commitment to do whatever it takes to meet and exceed the client’s expectations is unsurpassed in the industry. Just like our great brands, it’s good to know that there are others that deliver on promises made. You challenged us to think and do that which was not only outside the box but beyond our comfort zone.”


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