Interview With

Kevin Cahill

President & Executive Director of the Deming Institute
Grandson of Dr. W. Edwards Deming


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Doug Hall
Kevin Cahill

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    Chapter Excerpt

    Doug Hall: What is the Deming Institute’s primary mission?

    Kevin Cahill: The institute’s primary mission is to carry on my grandfather’s [Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s] work and teachings. To inspire people to learn, and as he always said, to seek new knowledge, and transform their businesses, schools, and communities so they’re better prepared for the future and not the past.

    Doug: What are the methods you use to accomplish that?

    Kevin: We start by promoting a greater understanding, and awareness, and application of Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge. System of Profound Knowledge is the transformative philosophy that he developed at the end of his life.

    We do this through an ever-expanding series of learning programs, initiatives, events, outreach programs, and partnerships with different like-minded organizations.