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SOLUTION: Innovation Engineering Pedigree


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    Definition of a System

    The Innovation Engineering movement defines a system as Dr. Deming did: two or more independent parts with a common aim. In the case of an organization, this means two or more departments (parts) that work together toward a common organizational mission.

    Sadly, the average organization realizes less than the sum of its parts— they realize less than what each department delivers independently. This is because, rather than optimizing their interaction with other departments for the good of the organization, each department’s primary focus is on delivering their departmental metrics, no matter the consequences to the organization as a whole.

    Good organizations are the sum of their parts—they realize an additive impact from the interactions of their departments. There is cooperation and collaboration between departments. The management of each department reacts to issues rapidly. They readily sacrifice short-term department results for the accomplishment of the overall mission of the organization.

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