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The Driving Eureka! Video Workbook is a companion to Driving Eureka!, Problem-Solving with Data-Driven Methods & the Innovation Engineering System. This video workbook will bring to the book to life and take you step-by-step, applying the new learning to your real work challenges.

It’s incredibly simple, focused, and easy to incorporate into your day.

    Chapter Excerpt

    What Is a Patent?

    Ideas that are patentable are Meaningfully Unique innovations. Conversely, when an idea isn’t patentable, then by the strictest definition it is not a Meaningfully Unique innovation. That’s because an invention can be patented if:

    It has never been done before.
    It is not an obvious leap to someone with ordinary skill in the industry. It is novel and useful.
    It fits a category of patents.

    Patents are legal property. On a balance sheet, they are capital assets. Factories and land are physical capital assets. Patents are intellectual capital assets. As a capital asset, patents can be bought, sold, borrowed against, or loaned. When they are loaned, it’s called licensing. Paying a royalty for the right to license a patent is no different from paying someone rent to stay in their house.

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    Chapter 13

    How to Create an Innovation Culture

    Backstory: Who is Dr. W. Edwards Deming?