skill-based badges

100% Self-Paced, Online and On-Demand

In a new world of micro-credentialing, these skill-based badges give you specific skills to build your innovation bench strength.




When you complete these micro-courses you get a digital badge to display your new innovation skills that you can share everywhere –  on your LinkedIn profile, use on your resume or attach to your eSignature.

why innovation? why now? why you?

Learn how YOU can innovate even when it feels impossible – in commodity businesses, or under tight constraints, or within non product facing departments.

And learn WHY innovation is the path to renewed business and career success.

Level 1 :: 1 Hour


innovation jump start

No matter your role, position or level of experience – you can get started immediately advancing your innovation skills.

In this badge course you’ll learn the basics of how to create, communicate and commercialize innovations.

Level 1 :: 5 Hours



In this badge course you’ll learn 3 specific skills for creating ideas.  1) How to know an innovation when you see one.  2) How to 5x your creativity skills and 3) How to find inspiration to create unique ideas.

 Level 1 :: 3 Hours


communicating ideas

Learn how to create the ultimate elevator pitch for your idea.  In this communication short course you’ll learn they keys to persuasively sell your idea, how to frame your idea so it connects with your customer and how to use math to communicate the value of your idea – to you and your customer.

Level 1 :: 3 Hours



Learn how to turn challenges and risks into solutions in this 3 skill badge course.  Start by learning the Plan-Do-Study-Act Experimentation process.  Then learn the secrets to successful prototyping and how to use research to get feedback.

Level 1 :: 3 Hours


how it works

Each badge track is a series modules. Each module contains:


A 5-15 minute video teaches you the concept of the skill your learning.



a 2-5 question quiz makes sure you understood the material in the video.



Practice applying your new skill to some scenarios


Check out the answer key and other examples of completed assignments.

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Innovation Engineering is an academic field of study and business methodology.  It is governed by the Innovation Engineering Institute – a partnership between the Eureka! Ranch and the University of Maine. 

In universities the curriculum is often used as an undergraduate minor.  In professional development the curriculum is often used for industry recognized certifications.  In organizations the methodology is used to help companies innovate across their business.

The badge courses are excerpts of the 48 skills that make up the Innovation Engineering Body of Knowledge.  They are access through a learning portal called Jump Start Your Brain.



Are there requirements to take these courses?

There are no levels of education or work experience requirements.  People as young as 13 and as experienced as a seasoned CEO have completed the badge courses.

The course is online, so does require internet access and a device – like a computer, tablet or cell phone.

What is a badge? How can I use it?

A badge is digital proof that you completed this course.  Digital badges are often used on resumes, job-seeking dashboards (like LinkedIn) and included in your email’s electronic signature.