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The current economic climate is negatively effecting your team and business.
We can help you stay or get back on track.

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The Recession Is Impacting Everyone.

Companies are cutting costs. Employees are more fearful. Overall teams are less aligned and more isolated which is making collaboration more difficult.
It is time for a reboot. Not just getting people back to work, but getting people re-engaged and excited about work.
Optimism doesn’t come easily these days, but after working with companies we see a rejuvenation in their energy and the opportunity to systemically change their culture.

It is time to bring back some hope.



Team Alignment

Employees collaborating on the companies most important issues.


Strategy for the Future

Set a clear path moving forward amongst uncertainty.


Meaningful Work with ROI

Projects are meaningful to your customers, your company and to you.

Eureka! ranch is a GLOBAL innovation think tank who changes cultures.

See Measurable Improvements in Your Culture

Culture Assessment

By benchmarking your organization to others we can discover your biggest opportunities for improvement.

A 58 question survey can be completed by you and others in your organization. Then we will use the results to create a report and an action plan for improving your culture.

“I see excitement from people involved in (Innovation Engineering). You hear the chitter-chatter. And the best thing is you hear them talking about projects we’re not working on, saying, ‘Hey, I was thinking about this the other weekend. This would be really neat if we could do…’ It’s getting excitement within the organization – we see that we’re going somewhere.”

Jim Hlebovy Manager of Product Engineering, Gebauer Company

I have not been able to stop talking about Innovation Engineering and my time at Eureka! Ranch since returning. I regularly have found ways to utilize one of its tools, help out a colleague struggling with an issue by helping frame their problem in terms of the bigger system so that they could approach it differently, and at least weekly, I remind my senior leadership of the phrase “fail fast, fail cheap”. One might say I drank the Kool Aid…however I see a set of tools that came to our organization with the most perfect timing in our history.

We are building a new culture together, and the entire organization is incredibly receptive.

I had my doubts about our organization’s future, but after setting a strategy and working with the team to create solutions, I feel extremely optimistic about the future.

“Innovation Engineering is a complete business operating system at a gold standard level, done in a way that’s completely unique from the way that anyone else does it in the world.”

Ken Grier The Edrington Group

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