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Energize + Educate + Motivate

For over 25 years Eureka! Ranch has been delivering customized, high impact programs that will energize and educate your audience on data-driven innovation and growth. They are fast, fun, and highly interactive. Every presentation is packed full of the latest data and original research on how to create, communicate, and commercialize new ideas.  Every talk is customized to meet the needs of your specific audience.


The cost for Eureka! Ranch talks is based on time, travel, content, and speaker. Have no fear we have content and pricing for all events and budgets. We love nothing more then talking about innovation and training others in a new way of thinking.

From breakfasts & lunches to break out sessions, workshops, and keynote talks we are happy to work with you to help ensure you walk away ahh'd by what you heard & experienced.

Lets talk about how we can make you look awesome at your next event


The scores for this program were outstanding! Our overall target is a 6.3 out of 7 and you got a 6.9!
— Program Director, Goering Center, University of Cincinnati


Maggie Nichols joined the Eureka! Ranch in 1999 after graduating from Miami University’s Farmer School of Business. After reading an article about the Ranch during an Entrepreneurship class, she decided that the Eureka! Ranch was the place where she was going to work. Months and dozens of pestering visits later, Founder, Doug Hall, finally acquiesced and Maggie’s been part of the ranch ever since.

She started as an Apprentice Inventor working on innovation projects along side Doug Hall and the team. After a short stint working on internet strategy at a large corporate bank, she moved to Oxford, England where she supported Eureka!‘s European efforts. In 2005, she returned to the US as Vice President of R&D while also, continuing to oversee innovation projects. In those years she helped to pioneer the development of Innovation Engineering.

In 2009 Maggie was named President & Chief Operating Officer - not only leading the team at Eureka! Ranch and the Innovation Engineering Institute, but helping C-Level Executives around the world guide their employees and teams through innovation. She has served as innovation coach and educator to some of the world's largest companies and non-profits including American Express, Humana, March of Dimes, and P&G. In Summer, 2018 Maggie was named CEO & President of Eureka! Ranch.

Maggie is a self reported introvert, but when it comes to Innovation Education and Leadership you’ll find her passion makes her talk fast, furiously and incessantly providing an incredible energy to any event.

Maggie is a Miami University (that is Ohio) graduate who is married to her college sweetheart, Brian. They live in Cincinnati, Ohio with their two kids.

Doug Hall Innovation Keynote

DOUG HALL, Founder & Chief Inventor

Your general session received an overall rating of 3.7 on a scale of 4!
— Credit Union Executives Society

Rave Reviews

Rave Reviews

The scores for this program were outstanding - far exceeding our target overall score of 6.3 on a 7 point scale. Anecdotally, members shared that this was one of the best events in a while, and that the speakers were top notch. Thanks for making us shine!
— Lisa Jonas, Operations & Program Director, Goering Center
Your session was extremely well received and was rated a 4.65 out of 5! Thank you again for opening our minds to the extraordinary possibilities we all have... You’ve helped us understand how important it is to follow every creative impulse... And to free ourselves from self-imposed limitations in order to realize the power of imagination.
— V.P., Global Marketing Resources, The Gillette Company
A terrific job. The message came across in a way that was memorable, witty, warm and enthusiastic. We got terrific reviews regarding the presentation and people thought we were brilliant for inviting you. What more could we ask for?
— Joyce Wycoff
Thank you for your flexibility in handling our LA and DC audiences. Clearly, they were motivated differently. Your ability to adapt to the different groups ensured that everyone benefited from your messages.
— Director, Aerospace Business Unit
I have attended nearly 20 INTA annual meetings, and I cannot think of another keynote speaker whose presentation was as interesting and well-received as yours. They say that the proof is in the pudding, well, the number of people who came up to me during the meeting and said how much they enjoyed your talks was proof for this lawyer.
— Chairman, International Trademark Association
The positive comments I have heard are along the lines of “Home Run” and “incredible.” Your presentation hit home with our attendees and will help guide the industry in ways I don’t think many people realize.
— Trade Show Director, Event Solutions
As always, you were inspiring and energizing. I am sure you could tell from the audience reaction that you had them both entertained by your delivery and intrigued by your ideas.
— Vice President, Space Design International
A note of thanks for making me an instant hero. Several key mangers have thanked me for inviting them to your presentation here. Let me share some of their comments: “You know he’s right...Braindump doesnt’ work,” “This is something my group will use at least once a week,” “ We are going to try this at our next off-site,” “Wish I would’ve had this before...”
— Director, Strategic Project Development, Tyson Foods, Inc.
Your presentation was, absolutely terrific! I seriously think that you got the longest applause for any GLC Market Research Association speaker - EVER.
— Barbara Warinner, Program Chairman
You were amazing! Thank you very much. We had a very good conference and you took it over the top!
— President & CEO, International Economic Development Council
Your general session received an overall rating of 3.7 on a scale of 4!
— Credit Union Executives Society
Doug was inspirational and really made you become engaged in what was coming up for the rest of the conference. He was very motivational and I could have listened to him twice as long.
— Attendee, CUES Nexus Conference
Another inspiring keynote address, you energized and challenged the MEP system - this was evidenced through the overwhelming attendance at your Eureka! Winning Ways breakout sessions.
— Roger Kilmer, Director (Retired), Manufacturing Extension Partnership
Your presentation was a great combination of research, surprising facts, and innovation. Delegates indicated that they thought this year’s event was the best CEOs Conference ever, and I’m sure it was in no small part due to your motivational approach.
— Nancy Croitoru, President & CEO, Food & Consumer Products of Canada


Your enthusiastic presentation at the end of an exciting, but tiring two days, put the zip back in our conferees. They left with a broader perspective and greater energy thanks to you. The attendees really enjoyed your presentation and the viewpoints you espoused.
— VP, New Product Development Reengineering, American Express Travel
The feedback we have received is nothing short of incredible! We have never had as many people ask us to bring back a speaker for an encore.
— Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
Your presentation was absolutely phenomenal. Many employees in the Minnesota Extension Service often refer to your presentation and ways they have incorporated your suggestions into their work.
— Minnesota Extension Service
Whatta show! From the opening to the close of your presentation, the audience was with you. As a consequence, the annual meeting was a rousing success. I’m glad I have a full year before I have to top this year’s convention. I’m strongly recommending to my staff colleagues that they do themselves a favor and schedule you for their upcoming annual meetings. Again, thanks for a superb presentation. You made my job easy!
— Vice President, The Kellen Company
Doug’s presentation was EXCELLENT! The only thing I think was lacking was about 6 hours more of teaching...Seminars like these are the spark that reignites the excitement about the job. We need more of them...I want more!
— Walt Disney Home Video
The day worked perfectly. Your presentation at the breakfast with our key prospects and field staff set the stage for an exciting day. The keynote was perfect for the nearly 300 people in attendance. We’ve had nothing but good comments about the content and the delivery.
— President, Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance
Your presentation at our Ocean Reef meeting exceeded expectations. I was especially impressed that you listened through the morning and tailored your presentation based on what you heard. Not everyone is that committed to results.
— Karen Horrell, Great American Insurance
You were “spot on” with your information and data. The audience was taking more notes than I have ever seen them before at a general session. You had some very serious stuff to tell us, and all of it hit home. My only regret is that you couldn’t stick around the rest of the weekend to hear how great you were from all of the attendees!
— Shep Hyken, Chief Amazement Officer, Shepard Presentations, LLC
Your session contributed significantly to the success of our annual meeting. You set the tone for the entire conference. Your energy, enthusiasm and tangible examples left attendees with an overwhelming sense of purpose fore our conference.
— Society for Foodservice Management
Thank you for the dynamic and engaging presentation you delivered at the Advancing Maine summit. Your positive and enthusiastic message was a great way to begin this event and this process. People are still talking about it!
— Richard Pattenaude, Chancellor, University of Maine System