Courses: Learn it

In our courses you'll learn to do, lead, and manage innovation in today's chaotic world.  The courses show you step-by-step how to ignite innovation everyday  - as an individual, as a leader, as a group/division, or an entire company.

Innovation Engineering Quick Start

Innovation Engineering Quick Start

If you sign up for a private Innovation Engineering Fundamentals Course within the 60 days following the public program that you attended you will receive:

1. 1 Free seat at an upcoming Innovation Engineering Mastery Course being held within 6 months of the public Fundamentals Course.

2. You will also, receive an additional 4 months usage of the Enterprise Innovation Engineering Labs Portal that you received during your certification.

Innovation Engineering Mastery Class

Innovation Engineering Mastery Course

If you sign up for an Innovation Engineering Mastery Class within the 60 days following your Fundamentals Course attendance we will apply your Fundamentals Course fee towards your Mastery Course fee.

Not only will we apply your fee forward, we will also, credit your current pre-work forward. That is almost 1/3 of the required pre-work that is required before you attend the Mastery Class.

Note: This is only good for Mastery Classes held within 6 months of your Fundamentals Course attendance.



Projects: Do it

The fastest way to gain an ROI from Innovation Engineering and to learn how it works is through an Accelerator project.  During an accelerator an Expert Innovation Black Belt leads your team as they address a
VERY IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY for your organization.  

Innovation Engineering Project

Innovation Engineering Project

If you sign up for an Innovation Engineering Accelerator, Strategy Activation Session, or Create Session within 60 days following your Innovation Engineering Fundamentals Course attendance you will receive 1 free seat at an upcoming Innovation Engineering Mastery Course.

Attendance must be scheduled for one of the Innovation Engineering Mastery Courses scheduled within the 6 months following the public Innovation Engineering Fundamentals Course that you attended.


Software: live it

Leverage software to make applying innovation to your work a walk in the park. is one integrated system that ignites project management using the Innovation Pipeline, working together using Collaboration Cafe, fact based decisions made through use of the Merwyn Rapid Research Tools, proprietary protection through Patent ROI, and working smarter by utilizing the Innovation Engineering Tools.

Once, your 60 days has passed your Enterprise Portal will expire. Your account will be downgraded to a Basic Account.

You have two options for moving forward.

Innovation Engineering Labs Image

Innovation Engineering Labs: Enterprise Portal

The Enterprise Portal is designed to make it easy for a group or organization to leverage innovation across people and projects.  An Enterprise Portal gives you 100% access to all all the amazing tools that Innovation Engineering Labs has to offer.

If you choose within the 60 days following your attendance at the public Innovation Engineering Fundamentals Course to continue with an Enterprise Portal you will receive:

  • A 12 month license for the price of 10 months.
  • Monthly digital & in person "office hours" with an Innovation Engineering Black Belt to help you problem solve, ask questions, or get hands on help.
Innovation Engineering Labs Home Page

Innovation Engineering: Personal Portal

The Personal Portal is designed to make it easy for one person to run their own project successfully. A Personal Portal gives you 75% access to the tools that you used during your Innovation Engineering Fundamentals program and Blue Belt Certification.

Note: Access to tools in the personal portal is limited to support for just one project at a time and it does not allow for running workshops or training others in Innovation Engineering.

Innovation Engineering Labs Account Options