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Igniting Projects

Innovation Engineering Project Accelerator


Igniting Projects

Innovation Engineering Project Accelerator

Accelerate an Existing or New Project
up to 6X Faster & 10X More Successfully

The fastest way to gain an ROI from Innovation Engineering and to learn how it works is through an Accelerator project.  During an accelerator an Expert Innovation Black Belt leads your team as they address a VERY IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY for your organization.   

The Deliverables are Simple and Clear

  1. Patentable BIG Ideas

  2. Decision ready within 100 days

  3. Understanding of the potential for Innovation Engineering for your company and industry

While every project is custom built to get the outcomes you need, this short video gives you a flavor of what you can expect.

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How it Works

How it Works


1. Strategic Alignment

A formal or informal strategy session ensures that the project is aligned to your strategic goals with clear strategic and tactical boundaries.  

Eureka Ranch Innovation Session

2.  Stimulus Mining

To maximize creative productivity stimulus mining engages your team in thinking deeper. Advanced insight mining quantifies opportunities with new and existing customers. Deeper Patent, Wisdom, Market, and Future mining identifies even more opportunities. 


Eureka Ranch Inventing Session

3.  Accelerator Session

This is a 1 to 5 day exploration of finding, filtering, and fast tracking ideas.  Each day incorporates cycles of learning where projects “pivot” based on quantitative feedback from customers and the reality of executional Death Threats. 


4. Fast Cycles of Learning to a Smart GO or NO Decision

This 4 to 12 weeks of Plan, Do, Study, Act cycles of learning is designed to define the opportunity and to address project Death Threats.  The result is a Recommendation to enter development.   With up to a 300% increase in odds of success.

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