Over the last 30 years, Eureka! Ranch - with a team of PhDs, CEOs, and innovation experts - has been on a quest to gather and analyze quantitative data on innovation systems.  Our efforts are powered by the largest quantitative database on innovation system inputs and outputs in the world.  Data was gathered during real world projects with the best of the best:  Walt Disney, Nike, Procter & Gamble, AT&T,  Schulmberger, Hewlett Packard, and hundreds of others whose names are not as familiar.  And every day the data continues to grow.  It currently includes customer data and sales forecasts involving 20,000+ innovations, 100,000+ leaders, and over $17 billion worth of innovation projects in active development.

Innovation Engineering is a new field of academic study and leadership science dedicated to enabling innovation by everyone, everywhere, every day, resulting in increased speed (up to 6X) and success rates (up to 10X).  This is accomplished through 1) University Grade Education, 2) Intelligent Digital Tools, and 3) Consulting grounded in the systems thinking of Dr W. Edwards Deming.