System driven innovation through education, training, & hands-on lectures and events

Our lectures and events are customized, high impact programs that will energize and educate your audience on a data-driven system for innovation and growth.  They are fast, fun, and highly interactive.  Every presentation is packed full of the latest data and original research on how to create, communicate, and commercialize new ideas.   All keynote lectures are customized for the audience to “connect the dots” between the content and the issues specifically facing your company and/or industry.  A confidential cultural assessment is given out to all attendees in advance of the event that allows us to understand the innovation confidence and attitudes of the group and what their habits and practices are currently.

Your group will walk away motivated to get started and more confident in their ability to innovate.  They will not only learn how to create ideas, but how to identify the obstacles to commercialization and how to overcome them. 


Keynote and Workshop
Titles & Topics *

Doug Hall Keynote at AICC

Igniting Innovation

Ignite Innovation in Your People, Projects and Culture!

Everyone wants to do great work and innovate, but do they know how?  In this engaging talk, you’ll learn how to ignite innovation across your organization.  Built on research from 30 years, $25 Million in research, 25,000 ideas and 1,000s of Fortune 500 teams - this event will give you specific things you can do today to ignite innovation in your own work.  (Spoiler alert:  This session is high energy and action packed - with ah-ha’s and Eureka! moments that will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about innovation.)

Your presentation at our Ocean Reef meeting exceeded expectations. I was especially impressed that you listened through the morning and tailored your presentation based on what you heard. Not everyone is that committed to results.
— Karen Horrell, Great American Insurance Group
Maggie Nichols presenting Innovation 101 workshop

Innovation 101

How to be Successful with Innovation even if it isn’t your day job

Innovation Engineering® is a new field of study taking universities and companies by storm.  It teaches students how to create, communicate and commercialize ideas - no matter their field, experience or job title.  In this interactive session, attendees will walk away with things they can do instantly up the ante on innovation no matter what role they play for the organization.

Your general session received an overall rating of 3.7 on a scale of 4!
— Credit Union Executives Society
Doug Hall keynote presentation on Innovation

Innovate Smarter

Lessons on Innovation from $25 Million of research on 25,000 Innovations

Ever wonder what the “secret sauce” is that makes some innovations fail and others succeed?  In this session, Eureka! Ranch reveals the results of 30 years worth of research and experimentation so substantial that it’s become a new field of study - Innovation Engineering.  You’ll learn what it takes to create 8x more ideas than classic brainstorming, how to use innovation to work smarter and how to predict the winners from the losers.

Doug was inspirational and really made you become engaged in what was coming up for the rest of the conference. He was very motivational and I could have listened to him twice as long.
— Attendee, CUES Nexus Conference
Maggie Nichols giving Innovation Keynote for March of Dimes

How to Lead Smarter with Innovation

Lessons in Innovation Leadership from the world’s #1 Innovation Team

Ever wonder what the “secret sauce” is that makes some teams successful innovators and others not?  In this session, Eureka! Ranch reveals the results of 30 years worth of research and experimentation so substantial that it’s become a new field of study - Innovation Engineering.  You’ll learn what it takes to lead a team to innovate more and faster, how systems thinking can liberate your calendar and your people and how to set strategy that motivates employees to deliver more.

You were “spot on” with your information and data. The audience was taking more notes than I have ever seen them before at a general session. You had some very serious stuff to tell us, and all of it hit home. My only regret is that you couldn’t stick around the rest of the weekend to hear how great you were from all of the attendees!
— Shepard Presentation, LLC
Relativity Whisky from Brain Brew Distilling

Brain Brew Ventures

The Gritty Real World of Disruptive Innovation

In this high-entertainment storytelling session, you’ll learn the front lines account of how Brain Brew Distilling created breakthrough system, business model, and product innovations that beat the category leader 3-to-1 and how you can use the same process to reinvent your own offerings.  We’ll share how they blew up the business model by crafting a premium spirit in 40 minutes. A feat that takes the competition 18 years to do! How they used 234 quantitative research tests to go from concept to in-market in less than 6 months and many other discoveries along the way. Brain Brew Distilling created a patent pending breakthrough system, business model and product innovations that beat the category leader 3-to-1. I’ll share how we blew up the business model by crafting a premium spirit in 40 minutes. (a feat that takes the competition 18 years to do!) How we used 234 quantitative research tests to go from concept to in-market in less than 6 months and the many other discoveries along the way. (This program is only presented by Doug Hall)

Your session was extremely well received and was rated a 4.65 out of 5! Thank you again for opening our minds to the extraordinary possibilities we all have... You’ve helped us understand how important it is to follow every creative impulse... and to free ourselves from self-imposed limitations in order to realize the power of imagination.
— Vice President, Global Marketing Resources, The Gillette Company

How-to in 2 Hours Workshops

Get You Functional Fast in the Innovation Skills You Need

Innovation Engineering How-to in 2 Hours Workshops are a quick, easy, and fun way for ANYONE - from the front line to the C suite - to learn and experience an innovation skill and get started applying it.  Check out the Innovation Engineering How-to in 2 Hours Workshop page for the topics covered and additional details.

*Eureka! Ranch is not limited to these titles and topics. All of the above are suggested.

Industries We've Worked With*


Adult Body Cleansers

Adult Candy

Adult Education Services

Adult Leadership Development

Adult Skin Care


Aerospace Materials


Air Filters

Allergy Care Products

Alternative Energy Generation


Animal Feed



Art Museums

Art Supplies

Audio Technology


Auto Emergency Products

Automotive & Oil

Baby Feeding Systems

Baby Skin Care

Baby Supplies



Barbecue Sauces


Beef Products

Beer  Positioning

Beer Packaging Concepts

Beer Products

Bike Tours

Biodegrable Products


Board Games

Boating - Motor

Boating - Sailing

Boats and Boat Retailing

Book Writing

Bottled Coffee & Teas

Boxed Chocolates

Breakfast Foods

Burial  Caskets

Business Communications

Business Insurance

Business Research Services

Business Schools

Butters and Spreads


Canister Snacks

Canned Foods

Car Care Products

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Card Games

Cat Foods, Snacks, Treats

Chambers of Commerce

Charity Fundraising

Children's Charities

Children's Hair Care

Children's Toys



Cleaning Products


Cold and Cough Products

Cold Cereals

College Testing

Community Organizing

Concept Car Interiors

Concept Cars

Construction Info. Services

Construction Toys


Cooking Oils

Corporate Partnerships

Credit Card Services

Credit Unions

Cremation Urns

Custom Cabinets

Database Design

Decorative Tile

Deli Meats

Desktop Computers

Diagnostic Tools

Digital Photography

Direct Marketing

Distilled Beverages

Dog Foods, Snacks

Drink Mixes and Spirits

Educational Books

Educational Standards

Educational Toys

Electric Utility Services

Electrical Systems


Energy Distribution

Energy Production

Engine Oil Additives

Enrollment Programs

Expandable Foam


Fabric Treatments

Facial Cleansers

Facial Moisturizers

Family Games

Farm Equipment

Fast Food Production

Fast Food Restaurants

Fast Food Systems

Feminine Products

Film Photography

Film Production

Financial Services

Fine Arts Services

Fish Farming

Fleet Payment Processing

Food Preparation Aids

Food Quality Diagnostics

Food Service Products

Food Service Promotions

Food Storage Bags

Foot Care Products


Frozen Entrees

Frozen Food Production

Frozen Vegetables

Fruit Beverages

Fruit Juices

Functional Foods

Functional Paint Products


Gardening Products

Gourmet Breads

Gourmet Coffee

Gov't. Budgeting

Ground Coffee

Hand Soap

Health Beverages

Health Foods

Healthcare Data

Healthcare Providers

Healthy Snacks

Herbal Medicines

Herbal Teas

High-Temperature Sensors

Higher Education Institutions

Higher-Ed Administrations

Home Appliances

Home Security

Home Video Productions

Home Appliances

Home Security

Home Video Productions

Hot Cereals

Household Cleansers

Household Plastics


Ice Cream and Desserts

Industrial Diagnostic Services

Industrial Farming

Industrial Locks

Industrial Oil

Industrial Plastics

Industrial Sanitation

Infant Products

Information Services

Insect Repellents

Instant Coffee

International Food Processing

Internet Services

Investment Services

Juice Drinks

Kids Candy

Kids Cereals

Kids Soaps/Shampoos

Kids Toys

Landscaping Products

Laptop Computers

Laundry Soap

Life Insurance

Local Farming

Local Non-Profits

Locks/Security Systems

Long Distance Phone Services

Lunch Meats

Malt Beverages

Market Research

Marketing Design

Marketing Services

Medical Info Systems

Memorial Products

Metal Processing

Microbrew Beer

Mufflers (OEM & AM)

Municipal Government

National Non-Profits

New Adult Beverages

New Age Beverages

New Breakfast Foods

New Cars

New Trucks and S.U.V.'s

Non-Carbonated Soft Drinks

Nuclear Power Generation

Nutritional Supplements

O.T.C. Drugs

Off Season Sales Efforts

Online Advertising

Online Banking Services

Online Barter Services

Online Postage Services

Online Security Systems


Paper Cups, Plates

Paper Production

Pastry Shop

Pay Phones/Systems

Peanuts and Peanut Butter

Pest Control



Plastic Kitchenware

Playground Equipment

Pork Products

Poultry Products

PR Strategies

Pre-paid Funeral Policies

Premium Liquors

Prepared Side Dishes

Pro Basketball Shoes

Professional Sports Mkt.

Promotions Strategies


Ready-to-Eat Meals

Restaurant Concepts



Running Shoes

Safety Auditing

Salty Snacks

Sandwich Breads

Sanitizing Products

Satellite Television


Sea Food Production

Seasonal Candies

Senior Products

Shipping and Receiving

Shocks & Struts

Skin Products

Sliced Meat

Small Business Services

Smart Cards/Services


Snack Mixes

Soap and Body Wash

Soup Mix

Spices & Seasonings

Sports Apparel

Sports Drinks

Standardized Testing

State Government

Stock Market

Super Premium Charge Cards

Surface Cleaning Equipment

Swimming Instruction

Symphony Orchestras

Tablet Computers

Teas of all sorts

Technology Usage Exploratory

Teen Health & Beauty

Teen Skin Care

Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications Technology

Term Life Insurance


Theme Park Entertainment

Toilet Paper

Toothbrushes and Toothpaste

Topical Analgesics

Trash Processing

Travelers Checks

TV Promotions

United States Congress

United States House of Representatives

United States Senate

Used Cars

Vacation Resorts

Valve Manufacturing

Vibration Instruments

Waste Disposal

Wax Products

Wildlife Protection

Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications

Wireless Technology

Women's Health Care

Youth Leadership Development


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Speaker's Bios

Doug Hall Innovation Speaker

Doug Hall

Doug Hall is an inventor, researcher, educator, and craft
whiskey maker. He is the founder of the Eureka! Ranch,
Innovation Engineering Institute, and Brain Brew Custom
Whisk(e)y. He has been named one of America’s top
innovation experts by Inc. magazine, The Wall Street Journal,
Dateline NBC, CNBC, CIO magazine, and the CBC. His book
Jump Start Your Business Brain was named one of the 100
Best Business Books of All Time by 800-CEO-Read.
Doug is unique among authors and speakers in that he writes
and teaches from personal experience.

Unlike others who “preach but don’t practice,” Doug
is a hands-on inventor who helps multinational corporations,
medium- and small-size companies, governments, and nonprofits to find, filter, and fast-track big ideas. You may not know him - but you probably use his inventions. A study found that the average US home uses an average 18 products or services that Doug has helped invent or reinvent.

A chemical engineer by education. Doug held the title Master Marketing inventor at Procter & Gamble - shipping a record 9 new products in 12 months. For his pioneering work turning innovation from an art into a reproducible science Doug was awarded a Doctor of Laws from the University of Prince Edward Island and a Doctor of Engineering from the University of Maine.

Unlike others who “keep their methods secret,” Doug
is dedicated to enabling innovation through his books, keynote
talks, courses, and innovation universities for corporations.

Doug's keynotes are customized, high impact programs that will energize and educate your audience on a data-driven system for innovation and growth. They are fast, fun, and highly interactive. Every presentation is packed full of the latest data and original research on how to create, communicate, and commercialize new ideas. All keynotes are customized for the audience to "connect the dots" between the content and the issues specifically facing your company and/or industry.

Maggie Nichols Innovation Speaker

Maggie Nichols

Maggie Nichols joined the Eureka! Ranch in 1999 after graduating from Miami University’s Farmer School of Business. After reading an article about the Ranch during an Entrepreneurship class, she decided that the Eureka! Ranch was the place where she was going to work. Months and dozens of pestering visits later, Founder, Doug Hall, finally acquiesced and Maggie’s been part of the ranch ever since.

She started as an Apprentice Inventor working on innovation projects along side Doug Hall and the team. After a short stint working on internet strategy at a large corporate bank, she moved to Oxford, England where she supported Eureka!‘s European efforts. In 2005, she returned to the US as Vice President of R&D while also, continuing to oversee innovation projects. In those years she helped to pioneer the development of Innovation Engineering.

In 2009 Maggie was named President & Chief Operating Officer - not only leading the team at Eureka! Ranch and the Innovation Engineering Institute, but helping C-Level Executives around the world guide their employees and teams through innovation. She has served as innovation coach and educator to some of the world's largest companies and non-profits including American Express, Humana, March of Dimes, and P&G. In Summer, 2018 Maggie was named CEO & President of Eureka! Ranch.

Maggie is a self reported introvert, but when it comes to Innovation Education and Leadership you’ll find her passion makes her talk fast, furiously and incessantly providing an incredible energy to any event.

Maggie is a Miami University (that is Ohio) graduate who is married to her college sweetheart, Brian. They live in Cincinnati, Ohio with their two kids.


Maggie & Doug are only 2 of our potential speakers and facilitators. Click HERE to learn more.

Content & Pricing

The cost for Eureka! Ranch lectures and events is based on time, travel, content, and speaker. Have no fear we have content and pricing for all events and budgets.  We love nothing more then talking about innovation and training others in a new way of thinking.

From breakfasts & lunches to break out sessions, workshops, and keynote lectures we are happy to work with you to help ensure your attendees walk away ahh'd by what you brought to them.  Just give Corie Spialek a call at +1 513.271.9911 or email her at today!