Innovation Engineering

The Innovation Engineering Leadership Workshop is a one day program that lets you see, feel and experience a systemic approach to innovation. It is well understood that companies who innovate realize 200 - 300% increases in profit growth as they escape market forces that create commodities out of all products and services.  The challenge with innovation is that the current mindset is that innovation is a random act of artistic creation. Innovation Engineering transforms innovation into a reliable and reproducible system. Through this workshop you will learn how to stop doing the same old stuff.

What You Will Learn

Systems that Enable Speed to Market Success: Data, research and a live experiment validate before your very eyes the power of applying systems thinking to innovation.

Innovation Success Through Alignment: Learn a simple system for creating the three alignments: 
1. Strategic Alignment
2. Departmental Alignment
3. Team Alignment

Turbo Charging Brainstorming by 700%: Learn the two secrets for transforming the effectiveness of your personal and professional ability to create ideas and to problem solve challenges.

Driving Out Fear with Systematic Communication: Learn to use writing as a system for thinking deeper about your ideas to say with clarity what your idea is and why anyone should care about it.

Driving Out Compromising on BIG IDEAS During Development: Learn to use Simultaneous Engineering and Plan, Do, Study, Act cycles of learning, that results in ideas growing 28% in value during development.

Strategy Activation - Getting Started: Get a hands on experience applying innovation to your world through a rapid fire sample Innovation Engineering Activation session.

Who should attend

This workshop is great for personal and team development for
employees and leaders at any level or working within any department of your company.  

When and Where

Contact Us for Details 513.271.9911

The cost to attend the one day Innovation Engineering Leadership Workshop is 1000.00 USD per person.