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Get up to $30,000 for Innovation Training

Application Deadline:

June 30, 2021

#1 Innovation Training.

Build up your team with fundamental innovation skills and an applied learning experiences.


In the Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Course and Certification, students learn strategic and technical skills. They set strategies and stimulate thinking to create new ideas and solutions. Then they learn to de-risk innovation, forecast impacts, evaluate opportunities and create business plans. This allows businesses to enter new markets, breakthrough in commodity markets, and invent more profitable offerings.


Ohio’s TechCred program has funding available for workers at any level or in any industry So you can get $2,000 in reimbursement per employee, up to $30,000 per employer per application period. But you’ll need to act fast! The application period closes on June 30th. 


Improve Your Innovation Capabilities by Learning These Skills.

Create Disruptive Ideas

+ Recognize Innovation

+ Maximize Your Creativity

+ Collaboration

+ Strategic Thinking for Innovation


Communicate and Sell

 Persuasive Writing

+ Communicating with Numbers

+ Selling with Meaningful Marketing

+ System Mapping

Develop Profitable Ideas

+ Faster Prototyping

+ Systems for Problem Solving

+ Business Analysis & Modeling

+ Research Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Certification?
  • You determine the speed of your certification as it is done at your own pace.
  • You have 12 months to complete the certification in order to qualify for the reimbursement.
  • We recommend starting the program at least 6 months before the deadline.
  • It is roughly 20 – 25 hours of effort.
Who From My Company Should Take the Course?
  • This course is built for everyone.
  • No skill or experience required!
  • If you want yourself or your staff to be able to create, communicate, and take action on cool new ideas…this fits!
What Type and Size of Company Should Participate?
  • This course is built for every type of company & organization.
  • Everyone except for government organizations are eligible for Ohio TechCred funding.
  • One person companies through 75,000+ employee companies.
How do I get Myself and/or my Team Signed Up?
Do Other Courses Offered by Eureka! Ranch Qualify for Funding?
  • It is LIKELY that the IE Mastery Course with Black Belt Certification would qualify:
    • Expert Level Course
    • For those responsible for systemic innovation, breakthroughs, cultural development, etc.
  • It is POSSIBLE that other IE courses would qualify.
How much does the TechCred Funding Cover?

TechCred allows for a $2,000 reimbursement to be paid per credential earned.  Every funding round allows for a company to request up to $30,000 in reimbursements.  In this case, to take the fullest advantage of the funding you could get 15 employees certified, essentially covering 66% of the course fee.

What is TechCred?

Ohio TechCred helps Ohioans learn new skills and helps employers build a stronger workforce with the skills needed in a technology-infused economy.  You can learn more at techcred.ohio.gov.

About Us

Eureka! Ranch was founded more than 35 years ago by Doug Hall. Doug was at P&G and got a record number of innovations shipped in a short period of time with a tiny staff and budget (9 products in 12 months with a team of 3). He did this by using a systems approach because of his knowledge of the work of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the inspiration for Lean, Total Quality and Six Sigma.

Doug left P&G and founded Eureka! Ranch and started helping large companies like Nike, American Express, and Disney create big, disruptive ideas, which it continues to do today.

By the early 2000s, it became clear that some companies did not have the systems in place to commercialize the disruptive ideas Eureka! Ranch helped create. They would either compromise the ideas (to pass Stage-Gate milestones) or even kill them due to fear of change.

That experience inspired a sabbatical at the University of Maine and the creation of a new field of study, Innovation Engineering®. It includes 48 skills or competencies for creating, communicating, and commercializing meaningfully unique ideas and system-driven leadership skills that help innovation leaders implement the system company-wide. It teaches people to create disruptive ideas like we do (not guru, it’s a system) but also teaches them what to do next – all the way to market/implementation.

Today the Ranch is led by CEO, Maggie Nichols, and a strong cadre of innovators, engineers, educators, and programmers, with founder, Doug Hall, remaining actively engaged as CIO and on special projects. We help organizations in 3 ways:
1) building their innovation pipeline,
2) improving their innovation process, and
3) training their people to think more innovatively.


Meet Your Instructors

Maggie Pfeifer

VP of Education, Innovation Engineering Institute

Innovation Engineering Black Belt

Brad Hall

Education Brand Manager, Innovation Engineering Institute

Innovation Engineering Black Belt
Masters, Educational Administration

Corie Spialek

Director of Operations & Innovation Coach

Innovation Engineering Black Belt

Doug Hall

Founder of the Eureka! Ranch
CEO of Innovation Engineering Institute

Together they have trained over a thousand students in person, online and at universities.

Training All Companies Regardless of Size or Industry

Ohio Companies who participated in Innovation Fundamentals Training within the past 6 months

1848 Ventures Backed by Westfield

Helping people build careers



Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Medical Center


Uniforms, First Aid, Fire Protection, Floor Mats & More


Media & Marketing

Lincoln Electric

Design, development, and manufacture of welding products

Mile 2

Custom Software

Neograf Solutions



Energy and Manufacturing

Sherwin Williams



Industrial equipment supplier

University of Dayton