The Innovation Engineering Mastery Course is a new and improved version of Innovation College.

The Innovation Engineering Mastery Course is a new and improved version of Innovation College.

You understand that innovation is no longer optional. Success for your career depends on your ability to enable innovation. You have tried everything - working harder, tapping into your child like creativity, hiring “guru” designers and innovators - and frankly - nothing seems to STICK.  Sometimes you get lucky - most of the time you don’t.  



System thinking provides a proven method for identify root cause reasons for innovation frustrations - and step by step methods for evaporating them.  The result is greater success as you lead projects and people. 

    It’s a true mastery program -
    5 college courses of content
    in three 11 hour immersive days
    plus 12 months of application to your work.  

    It takes you beyond the fundamentals to:


    • Advanced systems for Creating Big Ideas

    • Advanced systems for Process Improvement

    • Advanced systems for Communicating Ideas


    • Advanced systems for Making Ideas Real

    • Advanced systems for Fixing Broken Systems

    • Advanced systems for Enabling & Teaching

    To survive companies need a durable competitive advantage. No technology, plant, product, or market will ever be that. The only durable competitive advantage is your people and their ideas. The key issue to me is that Innovation Engineering creates a repeatable process that leads to a durable competitive advantage
    — Walter Werner, Deming Master Black Belt


    As a mastery course, you'll learn 48 innovation skills that make up the Innovation Engineering 'Body of Knowledge.'  They are the complete set of skills taught in Innovation Engineering graduate school programs across the country.  But in this Course, the instruction has been condensed to fit into a corporate education course that anyone can take.


    1. Meaningful Uniqueness 
    2. Stimulus & Diversity
    3. Exploring Stimulus
    4. CREATE Sessions 1.0
    5. Unrelated Stimulus
    6. Patent Mining
    7. Insight Mining
    8. Market Mining
    9. Advanced Create Methods
    10. Future Mining
    11. Wisdom Mining
    12. Professional Grade CREATE


    1. PDSA Plan, Do, Study, Act
    2. PDSA - Best Practices
    3. PDSA - Concept Prototypes
    4. PDSA - Functional Prototypes
    5. PDSA - Rapid Research
    6. PDSA - Reducing Forecast Variation 
    7. Cost & Price Estimating
    8. Business Models
    9. Proprietary Protection
    10. Organizing for Success
    11. Business Opportunity Reco
    12. Innovation Decisions


    1. Strategy Activation - Blue Card
    2. Concept Writing - Yellow Card
    3. Concept Improvement
    4. Estimating Concept Value
    5. Optimizing the Whole Concept
    6. Concept Feedback Systems 
    7. Advanced Benefit & Proof
    8. Oomph
    9. Technology Translation
    10. Meaningful Marketing Messages
    11. Real World Communications
    12. Proactive Selling Pitches


    1. Appreciation for a System
    2. Knowledge about Variation
    3. Psychology
    4. Theory of Knowledge
    5. Strategic Alignment
    6. Departmental Alignment
    7. Rapid Research Operations
    8. Rapid Research Analytics
    9. Collaboration
    10. Patent ROI
    11. Diffusion of Innovation Mindset
    12. Personal Leadership


    Eureka Ranch Innovation Session

    Step one:  complete pre-req's

    To attend the Mastery Course, you must have previously attended an Innovation Engineering Quick Start Course. 

    woman computer cooridor.jpg

    step two: CONVENIENT ONLINE digital CLASSES

    Before attending the course you complete about 90 short digital classes on systems for expert level leadership of people and projects for Creating, Communicating, and Commercializing Meaningfully ideas. You can watch them on your computer, phone, or tablet.

    Eureka Ranch


    This is an immersive experience.  It takes the learning from the digital classes and makes it very real through interactive experiences.  Most important -  one on one feedback ensures you really learn how to lead system driven innovation. 



    step four:  INNOVATION ENGINEERING BLACK BELT certification PATH

    The path to certification involves three elements:  a) A grade of 100% on all Lab Class Assignments (no stress - you can resubmit unlimited times our goal is to get you to mastery not to fail you), b) Application of the learning to your real work  and c) The personal written recommendation of your Innovation Engineering Black Belt certification coach.  You have 12 months to complete certification.

    Your Path To Innovation Engineering BLACK BELT Certification
    Delivers Tangible Return on Investment

    Blue Card Strategy Session … Stimulus Mining to Learn More…Spark Decks to enable others…. Create Session to leverage diversity…Rapid Research using advanced tools to make smarter decisions …. Plan, Do, Study, Act Learning Cycles to drive out risk…Using Tools To Write Smarter…. Enabling Collaboration…. Patent ROI… Teaching and Enabling Others …Making a System Work Smarter & Faster.


    Productive Value of the Mastery Course


    In a follow up study, participants that achieve their Black Belt certification run 24x more projects than people with a basic understanding of innovation.  And those projects are worth 28x more to the top line of the organization.

    Surveys document it.  Participants mention it. But sometimes nothing's better than hearing it from someone who's been through it before.


    It gives you a completely different perspective on leading and managing businesses. Businesses have to be fast moving. Have to adapt rapidly. This gives you the tools to really think in different and dynamic ways...It gives you a completely wholistic view of how to really develop and change your business in a way that’s proven.
    — Ken Grier, Premium Brands Leader & Innovation Engineering Black Belt, The Edrington Group

    It really provides you with tools and resources and a process to actually innovate.
    — Rehana Absar, Sr. Associate, Alliance for Strong Family & Children (Social Sector)

    We run everything through IE. We’ve been able to see improvement in efficiencies on our manufacturing floor and in our product development. We have a lot more acceleration.
    — Bill Matthews, CEO, Worksite Lighting


    Doug Hall Headshot.jpeg

    Each Mastery Course is led by Doug Hall, CEO and Founder of Innovation Engineering and the Eureka! Ranch. He's literally written the book on innovation, having authored 4 books on the subject with the 5th due in bookstores in Summer, 2017.

    He’s been named one of America’s top innovation experts by: A&E Top 10, Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, DATELINE NBC, CNBC, CIO Magazine and the CBC. 

    Doug's 40 years of front lines experience, dynamic style, and incredible storytelling make every class unforgettable.


    Maggie Slovonic Pfeifer

    Maggie Pfeiffer is the Director of Education for Innovation Engineering and has educated 1,000s of people in innovation across industries.  She also works hand-in-hand with universities optimizing the undergraduate and graduate programs.  

    She's worked directly with individuals and companies like the The March of Dimes, The National Wildlife Federation, PepsiCo, and others to help them incorporate innovation into their job or the organization as a whole.

    Her calm demeanor and easy-going attitude make her the perfect coach and teacher.  When Maggie’s coaching, your success is guaranteed.  She is a Miami University graduate, who is a true entrepreneur at heart, successfully building and running her own business, Reborn By Maggie.


    Eureka Ranch

    For the Training Course + Tools + Certification Coaching which includes digital pre-work, 3 in class days and 12 months of coaching on application assignments that apply to your real work = $12,000* USD per person.

    * up to 50% Discounts are available for those with certain Innovation Engineering Labs portals.

    PRIVATE Programs are the most effective approach and our most popular option, as they enable deep conversations on the application of the teaching to your immediate world. Open Enrollment PUBLIC Programs are an option for smaller groups.