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by Doug Hall

The Kids Are All Right
Doug Hall does a stint at the University of Maine—and emerges awestruck and inspired by the students' capabilities

Wringing Maximum Dollars Out of Innovation
A study reveals the three steps that help innovative entrepreneurs actually turn their good ideas into dollars

New Inventions with Big Potential
The U.S. Commerce Dept.'s NIST/MEP Network offers great product ideas whose savvy inventors need backing. Here's a look at a few of my favorites

Predicting Radical Innovation Success
Why companies that focus on pioneering rather than incremental innovations are more likely to be successful

Find A Strategic Partner
If you want to develop an innovative product or service, it pays to look outside your company

How to Build Trust in Your Business
Customers need a reason to believe in your company. Here's how to woo skeptics

Inventors, Pick Your Industry
The biggest royalties come from the most profitable fields, such as finance, computer software, music, movies, and, uh, tortilla making

Five Ways to Increase Profit Margins
If your profit margins aren't rising, chances are your company isn't thriving. Here are five solutions to the problem

Getting the Most from Your Suppliers
Your supply chain should always be a two-way street. Make the most of it

How to Have More Fun
You'll have more fun and make more money if you enjoy your customers

What's for Launch?
Figuring out whether to go ahead with that new product

Jump Start: Perceiving Is Believing
Building value puts you in good stead with customers

Green Opportunities
Helping the environment can help your business, too

What Reality TV Taught Me
O.K., it's tv. but dig down and you'll uncover valid business lessons

Fail Fast, Fail Cheap
Get your idea into the marketplace, and learn from customers

What's in It for Customers?
Be clear about what your product can do

Ideas To Grow On
Companies that give themselves more choices benefit in many ways

I Can See Clearly Now
When focus is sharp at the top, great results follow

One, Two, One, Two...
Exercising your way to better (business) health

A Perfect Brainstorm
The three-part equation that supercharges big-idea generation

The Customer Is Clueless
Truly innovative outfits give 'em what they don't know they want