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The Eureka! Ranch in Cincinnati, Ohio USA is the home of Innovation Engineering.  It is a custom-built facility and the perfect get away for immersive learning. The Ranch hosts education and training programs all year long that range from 1 - 5 days long.  

MEALS: Breakfast, Lunch and a snack are included in your schedule. All meals are served at the Ranch and included in the price of your program. The Ranch is known for it’s over the top dining experiences. Don’t worry the menu has something for everyone from Canyon Ranch inspired healthy options to amazing desserts from our good friends at Servattii’s German Bakery. 

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR: The Ranch is a relaxed environment and you are encouraged to dress in what is comfortable for you. As an organization we favor jeans, shorts, t-shirts, leggings, and dresses - you might even see some running clothes. What you WON’T see is suits, ties, or panty hose.  We’ve even had someone change into their slippers.