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Innovation Engineering How-to in 2 Hours Workshops are a quick, easy, and fun way for ANYONE - from the front line to the C suite - to learn and experience an innovation skill and get started applying it RIGHT NOW.


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Are you tasked with creating innovative solutions and implementing them pronto?

Learn the basic principles of Innovation Engineering and get started applying them to work smarter and faster - NOW.

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Do you struggle to get buy in and support for your ideas?

Learn how to communicate your ideas so effectively that you’ll be able to persuade anyone to support you.

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Does a lack of clear strategic priorities cause confusion and wasted time and money?

Learn a quick and easy solution to define and activate strategic priorities and turn wasted resources into opportunities.

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Does fear of risk drive down your ideas until they’re just the same old same old?

Learn to quickly and cheaply validate your ideas to reduce risk and enable your BOLD and BRAVE ideas.

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You come up with lots of ideas, but once they’re out there, how do you know which ones are worthwhile?

Learn to distinguish the WOW from the lifeless, so you can get started on what matters most.

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94% of our problems are due to the systems we work within, 6% are due to the workers.

Learn to “see” and map systems you work within so you can get started improving them.


Innovation Engineering How-to in 2 Hours Workshops:

  • Do not require the participants to do any pre-work or use a computer, so they are convenient for ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANY TIME

  • Are ideal for events - such is an off-site or a lunch-and-learn

  • Can be combined to provide a more in-depth educational experience over one or more days

  • Are great for groups of just about any size - from a small work team to a 100+ person event

  • Can be delivered anywhere in the world

  • Can be plugged into your corporate university and delivered by your staff (CONTACT US to learn how)


All courses run by Eureka Ranch are facilitated by certified Innovation Engineering Black Belts.

GREAT NEWS!  If you've come to the IE Fundamentals Course or the IE Mastery Course you are eligible to run IE How-to in 2 Hours Workshops! 

CONTACT US to find out how you can become an innovation training expert in your organization.

If you'd like to learn more about Innovation Engineering How-to in 2 Hours Workshops or plan a private program for your group, contact us and we'll get back to you right away.