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Mar 09 2020


9:30 am - 4:00 pm

The Enterprise Conversation

An annual event brought to you by Women’s Business Station.

Each year, we aim to attract an international business pioneer who is world-renowned for their innovation and teachings, inspiring and motivating positive action within individuals and teams.

Following last year’s event headlined by Dr Ernesto Sirolli from California, we welcome Doug Hall, world-renowned speaker, author and inventor and Founder of Eureka! Ranch, Texas. In what will be his first visit to the UK in over 10 years, Doug will introduce you to Innovation Engineering, the only fully documented, data-driven, total system for innovation.

Explore: A new way of thinking about business!

People and organisations often fail to work innovatively, not because of a lack of need or desire, but because they lack a system for innovation and a knowledge of how to go about innovation.

This seminar, which explains system-driven innovation, will inspire you with possibilities ranging from transformational change to incremental improvements in ways of working within your business and within the Scottish entrepreneurial eco-system.

The session will introduce you to Innovation Engineering, where you will learn the science behind innovation and how it is possible to turn innovation from a random gamble to a reliable business system for repeatable success.

Discover: About Innovation Engineering & how to implement it into your business

Innovation Engineering is a scientifically proven framework that transforms the mindset of people and organisations, enabling them to work smarter, faster and with increased creativity to accelerate the development of more profitable products, services and internal work systems.

IE began in the United States and is taught in over 20 universities as a new form of leadership science. Used by thousands of organisations worldwide, including Proctor & Gamble, Walt Disney and Toyota, IE has been proven to get ideas to market six times faster and with a ten-fold increase in the chance of success.

Doug Hall, whose 40 years of research has given rise to the new discipline, has applied the systems-thinking of Dr W. Edwards Deming to innovation, turning it from a random gamble into a reliable science.