Do, Lead, And manage innovation in Today's chaotic world.

Most innovation courses teach theory. Our Innovation Engineering courses show you HOW to ignite innovation in your job everyday. The courses teach step by step how to be more innovative and how to lead innovation projects faster, using state of the art digital tools.

Our programs are developed and continuously improved by hands on innovators who've "been there, done that hundreds of times."


State of the Art Innovation Science

Innovation Engineering is grounded in quantitative data. It's the same course content taught at universities. It's so advanced thought leaders like Toyota, Procter & Gamble, Daimler, Humana, and others have participated in Innovation Engineering training and education programs.


Researched, Developed, & Validated by the Eureka! Ranch

Over the years we have been named, America's #1 Innovation Team by the Wall Street Journal, Inc. and CIO Magazine. There are over $14 billion in innovation in active development using Innovation Engineering methods.


You will be able to Use it Immediately

The courses make the learning PRACTICAL and REAL through one-of-a-kind exercises and tools that will be accesses through the portal.