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How to Find, Filter & Fast Track Big Ideas - NOW!


  •  OPEN YOUR MIND - to an innovation success system that has been piloted, refined and optimized by companies like Humana, Procter & Gamble and Toyota Manufacturing.

  • ENABLE YOU TO THINK SMARTER - You and/or your team will participate in a live How to in 2 Hours™ overview of this new way of working

  • TEACH YOU HOW TO HAVE SUPER POWER- You will see demos of amazing software platforms that give you the ability to think smarter, faster, and more creatively using the world’s only data validated tools for creating, communicating and commercializing ideas. 

  •  REVEAL HOW TO GO FROM FAILURE TO SUCCESS- You will learn a new way of managing innovation projects that transforms them from losing 50% of value during development (two studies confirm) - to Gaining 28% in value.