Akron Global Business Accelerator
526 S. Main Street
Akron, Ohio 44311

MEALS: Breakfast and lunch are included in your schedule and will be served at your location and included in the price of your program. 

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR: The days are long so dress as you are comfortable.  Some would say business casual might of been created with the Eureka! Ranch staff in mind.

Innovation Engineering Quick Start covers the fundamental Innovation Engineering skills for Creating, Communicating and Commercializing Innovations.  You Learn…

  • How to write an innovation project mission that will inspire great ideas!
  • A step by step method for creating 8x more big ideas than brainstorming!
  • A system for increasing the persuasive power of your ideas by up to 5X!
  • A project management system that delivers results up to 6X faster!
  • When you complete the course you will be ready to lead an Innovation Engineering Jump Start project from start to finish - on a project you are responsible for.  

How it works

STEP 1:  Pre-work:  Before the live class you'll receive an email inviting you to create an account on Innovation Engineering Labs - the virtual platform of tools and videos you'll use.  Once logged in  you'll have access to the 32 digital video classes that are your pre-work for the live class. (4-5 hours total)

STEP 2: IE Quick Start Live Class:  Then attend the 3 day live course to practice, apply and experience using your new innovation skills.  Each day starts with continental breakfast at 7:30am. 8am the program begins with a break around noon for lunch.  Each day concludes at 5pm.  (See the full curriculum)

STEP 3:  Take It Home:  Head back to your real world with new knowledge, digital tool-set and instruction manual on how to attack a real challenge in your world with innovative solutions.  If you successfully complete and pass all the homework from the class, you'll receive your Innovation Engineering Blue Belt Certification.